It's 2021 and online meetings just got much more

Product Features 🎉

We're currently in beta and testing those features out. If you have any ideas or feedback feel free to ping us an email to

Get moving!

With participants are not chained into a grid of tiny squares like they would in a classic videoconference. Instead, they can move around the rooms like they would in any multi-player game.

Rooms & Activities

Your new virtual spaces can consist of multiple different types of rooms. Each room can be different and be a mini-game, activity or something special for your team.

Spatial Media

Each guest can only hear & see others around. Spatial audio and video allows for more natural and spontaneous conversations. Want to speak with someone? Simply fly up to them!

Interactive online whiteboard

Add colorful drawings, images, stickers, sticky notes and much more. Whichever room or activity type you choose, you can use it as a real-time collaborative whiteboard.

Physics 💫

Each room has a gaming physics running in the background. This means you can bounce around, throw emojis, kick ball, squeeze through tunnels, race around, change your size, pull party tricks and so much more. All in real-time.

Build a Virtual Space for your Team

Remote teams use to organise the most creative meetings & social events.