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How to Brand & Customize your Flat

Let's get creative and tailor the virtual space for your organization.

This article assumes that you have already created a flat beforehand and want to customize it now. If you haven't yet, click here to learn on how to create a flat.

There are a number of exciting things that you can customize in your flat. Let's go through them one by one:


Flat Logo - select an image that describes your flat the best. If you're creating a flat for a company or school you might want to use the logo that brands your organization the best. In order to upload a flat logo, click on the


Cover Image - this is the graphic that will appear behind your logo. Feel free to get creative with it. It will be visible to all of the guests before they join and it's also displayed in the lobby.

In order to change your flat cover image click on Customize Flat in your admin panel and then on Change Cover image


Background Image - this is the image that will be displayed in the background behind in the lobby. In order to change it click on Customize Flat in your admin panel and then on Change Background Image.


Color Scheme - how boring it would be if you wouldn't be able to select the colours that reflect your flat the best! In order to change colour scheme of your flat click on "Customize Flat" in your admin panel, then on "Select Color Scheme" and find the colour that fits your flat the best.

The next thing to prepare your flat for the guests is to Add Rooms & Activities.