It's 2021 and online meetings just got much more

Use as a

Space for Meetups and Virtual Events 📅

Event networking in the most creative way

Virtual events are a different game
Are your guests actually participating? Or maybe they're just sitting passively in front of the webinar being increasingly disengaged, floating away into the abyss of the internet.

Stop boring your guests!
With you can create a virtual space that will act as an always-open space where your students can meet each other. Networking between participants has never been easier.

Build a Virtual Space for your Event

Event organisers use to build the most creative virtual event spaces.

I love by how interactive is!

Rafal, organizer @ Creative Jobs

Move & Network

Your guests can move around the event like they would do in any multi-player game. Simply use arrow keys!

Spatial Media

Guests can only hear others around them. Spatial audio and video allows for more natural and spontaneous conversations - joining up is as simple as flying up to someone!

Interactive Online Canvas

Add colorful drawings, branding, images, stickers, notes and much more. It's perfect for workshops, virtual gallery exhibitions and team activites.

Rooms & Activites

Design your own virtual space for an event. Each room can be a different activity - from a fireside talk to gallery exhibition, the list of activites to explore grows daily!