It's 2021 and online meetings just got much more

Use as a

Virtual Classroom for Online Students ‍🎓

Create the most engaging online classes

Being an educator is hard when classes are happening remotely

Over the past year millions of students fell asleep in front of screens. And while they might've been eager to learn, hours of disengaging PowerPoint presentations can act as an effective lullaby even on the most motivated pupils.

Stop boring your students

With you can create a virtual space that will act as an always-open space where your students can meet each other and interact in a virtual space.

The space acts like a one big real-time whiteboard. Both teachers and students have the ability to draw, add notes and images and travel around the space like they would in a physical classroom.

Adding an engaging spatial dimension to your teaching will not only make your classes to be students' favourite. It will also allow for fostering better connections between the ones you teach through workshops, activities or on digital school breaks.

Build a Virtual Classroom for your Students

Teachers are using to organise the most creative online classes!


Your students can move around the virtual classroom room like they would do in any multi-player game. Simply use arrow keys!

Spatial audio and video

Spatial audio and video allows for more natural and spontaneous conversations. It's easy to break students up in the groups for a team activity.

Interactive Online Whiteboard

Add colorful drawings, images, stickers, sticky notes and much more. It's perfect for workshops, presentations and team activites.

Rooms & Activities

Your virtual classroom can contain different types of rooms and activites. From a classroom to student activities and mini-games for break time, the list is constantly growing!

The best tutorial my students had in 2021

Pawel, AI lecturer @ Gdansk Polytechnic