Spatial Audio and Video in your Online Meeting

How spatial video conferencing can improve how you chat with others?

Spatial Audio and Video in your Online Meeting

Firstly, what is spatial or proximity based audio and video?

Imagine you're physically attending a conference, cocktail party or an office event. There is a number of separate tables, attending participants grab a beverage of their choice and gather in groups to discuss topics that are dear to their heart. In order to speak with someone they need to get closer so the other person can hear them. If anyone wants to approach a group and join a conversation he needs to get there first. If the group is far away, you will her them less.

This is exactly how works but in a virtual setting. Movement and space are at the core here. Each participant that join a room in a meeting can move around freely like in any two dimensional multi-player game.

To speak with another participant, simply fly up to them. Wanna leave the conversation? Fly somewhere else.

How is a spatial meeting different?

When attending an online meeting via classical video conferencing software (like Zoom or Microsoft Teams) you will be presented with a static screen where you can see some of the other participants. There is usually only one main topic of the conversation at a time. That is, unless everyone is shouting over each other.

Being a participant of a meeting on is a much more natural experience. How does it work? Just as we described above, joining a conversation is as simple as flying up to someone. If you're too far away, other guests won't hear you.


Starting a Chat - just fly up to the person or a group that you'd like to speak with. Easy. No special buttons, no starting another call. You will be connected automatically.


Ending a Chat - simply fly away and talk with someone else! :) Your audio and video will seamlessly disconnect from them when you're not in proximity to each other.


Walls and Private Areas - other participants won't be able to hear you if you hide into a room that is divided away by walls. This allows for a better organisation of the virtual space and a natural divison of different conversation topics and adds another dimension to the proximity.

What are the main benefits?


More Natural Conversations - the spatial aspect allows for multiple conversations to happen at the same time. New break-out rooms are created organically without any additional hassle. No need to click anything - it's all about where the participants are at a given time.Read more about how to organise an engaging meeting on


Fun & Creative - someone new joined up? Fly up and greet them. Entire team moving to another conversation? Travel together! The intersection of spatial audio and video with the ability to move creates a unique and fun experience for all of the participants.


Amazing for Collaboration - the spatial aspect allows for multiple conversations happening at the same time. New break-out rooms are created organically without any additional hassle.


Perfect for Online Workshops - organising participants into different groups is a completely different experience when they can physically (but virtually!) travel to the places where the creative magic happens.


Virtual Parties and Socials are Fun Again - no more sitting in a boring meeting when one person monopolises the entire conversation.


Online Team Building - opens a completely new dimension of team buildig activites that can be done completely remotely. From mini-games through team meditation to speed networking, activities that we have built on top of the spatial audio and video are designed to bring remote teams together. Click here to see what online team activities we have for you!

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