Flatsocial Terms of Service

Welcome to Flatsocial. These Terms of Service describe the terms under which Erelbim Inc will provide Flatsocial services to the customer identified on our Flatsocial order form signed by each of us. By using our Flatsocial services you accept and agree to comply with these Terms and our Privacy Policy.

Service Description

Flatsocial is a social media aggregation tool that collects all social media post from users social media accounts and hashtags. Users can use this data from their flatsocial channel and they can embed into their website.

Changes to Terms and Services

Rights of modifying the Terms and Flatsocial services, adding and subtracting features or functions without users notice is hold by the Erelbim Inc. All the changes of features and terms are announced in flat social website announcement page.

Service Terms

Flatsocial is not sold to users. Users can only access to the Service over their flatsocial account. This agreement covers the registration for a Flatsocial Account. Flatsocial account is revocable and non-transferable. You can access your account through http://flat.social website.

Selection of Sources and Content

All users are responsible for the selection of all Social Media streams and all Social Media Content, accessing, collecting, accepting and publishing. Flat social only uses the data coming from social media companies; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Youtube. Because of the situation, users are assumed that they accept the terms of use and privacy policy of Social Media Companies.

Authorization To Use The Flatsocial Services

Flatsocial grants users a limited, revocable, non-transferable worldwide license to use Flatsocial account as long as they accept these Terms and Privacy policy.


All users agree to pay the fees described in each Order in accordance with payment terms described in Pricing Page. If users fail to pay any Fees, the system suspend delivery of service automatically.

If users do not determinate the subscription of Flatsocial, system automatically gets the payment monthly.

Users can terminate their subscription whenever they want but the payment is made for the last month they use at least for one day.

Usage Data

Subject to our Privacy Policy, users agree that Erelbim Inc may use all the data collected by Flatsocial for internall flat social purposes, marketing and promotional. Erelbim does not disclose the Usage Data to third parties.


Erelbim Inc. represents and warrants all the services that Flatsocial provide are warranted and controlled by them.

Marketing Actions

All users accepts that Flatsocial can use all the logos and other materials in general marketing activity. Erelbim will commercially responsible efforts to comply with related written trademark guidelens you may provide them.


All notices that users provide must be in writing by hand or certified email.

Service Delays

Erelbim Inc is not liable for the failure to perform and any delays, if the failure or delay are beyond their control such as wars, fires, strikes, accidents, malicious damage caused by a third party technology used in flat social, telecommunication or other technological services failure.