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Before flat.social: #zoomfatigue, new joiners are strangers, your team grows disconnected.  After flat.social: playfully casual meetings, team has fun again, breaking the ice is a breeze!

Interactive video meetings

Game-like physics in your online meeting

It's not a passive webcast. From mini games through drawing to shooting 🦄 reactions. Flat.social has features that are optimized for maximum interactivity and engagement.

Game map in your video meeting

Get closer to join a conversation.
Fly away to leave.

Get closer to join a conversation. Fly away to leave.

Spatial Audio & Video

Hear & see only who is around you

In flat.social the dynamics of interaction are based on proximity - not on who is the loudest guest. This enables multiple parallel spontanoues conversations that are fun and feel natural.

Walls block audio & video

Select a room with a map that has breakout spaces to allow the conversation to be separated into different groups.

Spatial audio and video

Move around

Like in a multiplayer game

Movement lays at flat.social's core. Use your keyboard (desktop) or touch gestures (mobile) to get around the map and find people who you can speak with.


Faster than taking a bus

Need to find another participant or place? Click the green portal icon, it will take you right there!


Create a Flat

How will your guests join?

Open house for an event, members only (coming soon) for an always-on remote team flat.

Open House


Members Only


Customize it

Every online event is different.

Add rooms and much more!


Invite guests

Just share the invite.

No install required for guests.

What will your flat look like?

What will your flat look like?