flat.social is a playful video-meeting app where you & your guests can move around a map and speak when close to each other

Engage and talk naturally

Get closer to join a conversation. Fly away to leave.

We bring the freedom of movement to video-conferencing.

In flat.social the dynamics of interaction are based on proximity - not on who is the loudest guest. This enables multiple parallel spontanoues conversations that are fun and feel natural.

Built for interactivity

Make your online calls fun & playful

It's not a passive webcast. Like in a multi-player game, flat.social allows your guests to move around the map at their own liberty to talk with who they want, hide behind walls for some gossip or just chill and bounce around a bit (and maybe draw some tags around).

From mini games through drawing to shooting 🦄 reactions. Flat.social has features that are optimized for maximum interactivity and engagement.

What will your room be like?