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How to organise a Virtual Xmas Party

Make the best digital secret santa event your team has ever seen!

How to organise a Virtual Xmas Party

Remember the xmas party back in 2019? Well, this year might be slightly different.

Xmas 2021 is coming soon and many companies and communities around the world will be looking for ways to celebrate virtually. With the looming ZOOM fatigue and a plethora of choices it might not be the easiest task to organise one. We're here to help you out with some ideas to make your online christmas party much more fun!

Preparation ideas


Idea 1: provide the food, drinks and some snacks. What's an xmas party without getting your belly full? While you can't all eat (not just yet) food digitally and we don't have 3d food printers available at every home, deliveries will be working non stop. If all of your guests are based in the same city but are meeting virtually you can make a deal with one of the popular food delivery services like Deliveroo or Uber Eats services to help you out.


Idea 2: organise a secret xmas santa. Remember the secret Santa from school? Everyone would randomize a name and buy a gift for someone. This can be easily organised remotely - set a budget, organise who gets a gift for who (there is even app for that) and send the idea to your team members. Pro tip: make sure you do it 1-2 weeks ahead to everyone's deliveries will have enough time to reach.


Idea 3: host an online xmas charity drive. Your guests are not that much into the secret Santa idea? You can forward your charitable force to organisations and people that need help. Organising a charity event a couple days before your xmas party is a great way to boost the team spirit and work together for good.

Preparation ideas

Make it fun and try out some other tools than you normally use for work. While ZOOM and Microsoft Teams might be great for a business presentation, they're not necessarily built with fun and playfulness in mind. Hopefully you won't be boring your guests with a number of business PowerPoint slides during the party. Try something fun!

How can you create the best xmas party using flat.social?

We built flat.social for fun, playful meetings and social events that will leave your guests inspired and energized, not fatigued. In a flat.social meeting, every participant can move freely around a virtual space filled with many activities and different types of designed breakout rooms.

You can customize your own virtual space to suit the needs of your event and add a number of team activities that will make your xmas party fun.

What activities are perfect for an Xmas party?

Santa Football. Once you unpack all your secret Santa presents, your guests can move to have a quick football game to liven up the festive spirits and display some competitive actions. Learn more here.

Speed Xmas Networking. While in the other spaces that your guests can join they can gather into groups organically, in Speed Networking mode they will be matched together in pairs for quick 5 minutes conversations. Learn more here.

Online team activities

I love by how interactive flat.social is!

Rafal, organizer @ Creative Jobs