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Virtual Office for Remote Teams

Make your team feel like a team again with an always-open virtual office powered by

Virtual Office for Remote Teams

Meaningful connections are hard to make when working remotely.

Remote teams don't have a physical office space where everyone can hang out. The moments when you would spontaneously bump into your coworker in the kitchen are gone. Creating meaningful connections between team members is hard but hey - we've got a solution for you!

We build to bring your remote team

With you will be able to create an interactive virtual office that can host both scheduled and impromptu meetings.

Each attendee of a meeting in can move freely around the virtual space and talk with others around. Using spatial audio & video allows for more natural and spontaneous conversations that are easy and fun to join.

What are the benefits of having a virtual office for your remote team?


Enable more casual communication virtually

With you can build a virtual office that will be always-open for any of the team members that currently feel like interacting.
Maybe it's a lunch break, a couple free minutes or a scheduled social event. Just like a physical office - it's always there and ready for both scheduled and impromptu conversations that spark creativity and joy.

With the spatial audio & video and an environment where everyone can move freely, meetings are a playful event, not another chore that has been added to one's calendar.


Foster serendipitous real-time collaboration

Each room is a virtual space sporting collaboration features of a collaborative whiteboard. Guests can add sticky notes, images, drawings and videos.
We believe that the most creative moments happen exactly when participants are immersed in a playful collaborative space where they can explore ideas, create new connections and brainstorm freely. Since it's an always-open space, they can join and leave at any moment.


Help your team get out of silos

Make sure that the information is flowing freely throughout your organization and that none of the team members end up working in silos. A virtual office in will bring the serendipity of interaction that's needed to break out of daily working habits and connect team members that do not necessarily work directly with each other.


Reduce zoom fatigue and disengagement

A meeting in a virtual office allows everyone to participate in the meetings equally. If you'd like to speak with someone, simply fly up. Not liking the conversation? Fly away!

It's what a cocktail party is to a business presentation. Online workers have been overwhelmed with meetings that require their passive attendance - webinars, business presentations and online calls that are often overtaken by a small group while the rest fall asleep passively. It doesn't have to be like this.

Build a Virtual Space for your Team

Remote teams use to organise the most creative meetings & social events.

Frequently asked questions

What are the fun features of

From flying around to playing football and doing a frog dance, there is plenty! Read more features that we built.

Can I try a live demo?

Absolutely! Feel free to join /f/Flat.Social-Demo which is a live demo flat that is always open. Give it a spin, we hope you like it! :)

How is it different than ZOOM?

ZOOM is here to maximise your productivity, not to foster meaningful connections between members of a remote team. was created because of the need to have a virtual space that can act as an office and accomodate casual and creative moments that bring teams together.

Read more about using as an alternative to ZOOM for social catchups, fun meetings and remote team events.

What is a flat, floor and a room?

A flat is a virtual space that you create. It can act as a permanent virtual office or a one-off event space. Your flat will have a unique link that you can send to your guests.

The flat that you create can contain many different floors and activities of your selection. You can also brand & customize it.

You can customize the floors in build mode by adding different types of rooms. .

What platforms do you support?

MacOS, Windows and Linux. For the best experience please use Chrome or Safari.

Does it work on linux?

Yes 🐧

Does it work on mobile?

Yes but for the best experience please using a computer with Chrome, Safari or Brave installed.

I have questions, how do I reach out?

Drop us an email to [email protected] or join our Discord server for a real-time support from people who work on and our amazing community.