The Flat Metaverse

Experience in one of the public community spaces from an open metaverse of flats run by hosts world-wide

The Flat Metaverse

Who said that metaverse has to be 3-dimensional with a compulsory VR headset? Experience playful virtual worlds that are run by communities open for everyone to join. You only need a laptop or a mobile device to join in, no additional equipment necessary.

We're dropping one dimension to make it flat and easy. Join us in this fun experiment!

Featured Communities

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Flat Social Demo

A permanent hang out space for everything

Online Language Exchange

Online Language Exchange

Nomad Coffee Club

Digital Nomad? Join the space to meet others.

Virtual Coworking Space

Working remotely? Join a virtual coworking space, every working day at 5pm CEST!

How to get my flat featured in discover section?

Want to get your community features for other users to join? Ping us an email at [email protected]