Remote Teaching & Learning

Create an immersive online classroom where you students can connect, learn and create amazing presentations

Remote Teaching & Learning

Engaging students with online classes is hard

Over the past year millions of students fell asleep in front of screens. And while they might've been eager to learn, hours of disengaging PowerPoint presentations can act as an effective lullaby even on the most motivated pupils. They hit the snooze.

Keeping students engaged, learning and curious is harder without having a dedicated physical space. While students can get a lot from online classes and webinar-like lectures, they miss out on creating connecting with other classmantes and networking.

Take your lectures to the next level

With you can create a virtual space that will act as an always-open space where your students can meet each other and interact in a virtual space outside of the class. Each guest of the space can move around like in any multi-player game.

The use of spatial audio & video means that by default only those who are around can hear each other. This allows for spontaneous conversations, easy and natural split into groups and being able to run multiple parallel activities at the same time.

The virtual classroom will also act as a big real-time whiteboard. Both teachers and students have the ability to add colorful drawings, images, sticky notes. and travel around the space like they would in a physical classroom. This immersive experience will help spark the creativity and bring the joy back classmates' interaction.

Adding an engaging spatial workspace to your teaching will not only make your classes to be students' favourite. It will also allow for fostering better connections between the ones you teach through workshops, activities or on digital school breaks.

Build a Virtual Classroom for your Students

Educators around the world use to keep their students engaged & connected

Frequently asked questions

What are the fun features of

From flying around to playing football and doing a frog dance, there is plenty! Read more features that we built.

Can I try a live demo?

Absolutely! Feel free to join /f/Flat.Social-Demo which is a live demo flat that is always open. Give it a spin, we hope you like it! :)

How is it different than ZOOM?

ZOOM is here to maximise your productivity, not to foster meaningful connections between attendees. was created because of the need to have a virtual space that can act as classroom and accomodate casual and creative moments that bring students together.

Read more about using as an alternative to ZOOM for social catchups, fun classes and remote educational events.

What is a flat and what is a room?

A flat is a virtual space that you create. It can act as a permanent virtual office or a one-off event space. Your flat will have a unique link that you can send to your guests.

The flat that you create can contain many different floors and activities of your selection. You can also brand & customize it.

You can customize the floors in build mode by adding different types of rooms. .

What platforms do you support?

MacOS, Windows and Linux. For the best experience please use Chrome or Safari.

Does it work on linux?

Yes 🐧

Does it work on mobile?

Yes but for the best experience please using a computer with Chrome, Safari or Brave installed.

I have questions, how do I reach out?

Drop us an email to [email protected] or join our Discord server for a real-time support from people who work on and our amazing community.

What are the benefits of remote learning?

Remote learning can be flexible and self-paced

Not every student is able to take time off work and fully commit to an educational programme. Learning online allows those students to participate fully in the process while being able to juggle other life responsibilities that they are committed to.

Distance education saves time and money

Learners can access the content anytime and anywhere. They don't need to take time off to attend the classes and also they don't need to commute to a physical spot like university to attend a class. The lack of commute saves time both for the students and the instructor. There is also no need to keep a venue and physical class materials. Being locationally flexible when studying also helps to improve the student attendance.

More affordable virtual learning experience at scale

As mentioned above, distant education helps to save time and money for the students, instructors and the institution providing the educational opportunity. It's a win-win situation for all of the sides involved.

Once the lectures are recorded and the content is digitized, it can be distributed at a very low cost. This not only helps a much greater number of students to get access to it but also allows the educational institutions to provide the content for free. Universities have been taking up on that opportunity already for years through platforms like Coursera and Udacity.

Online classes are global and inclusive

Online education is not restricted by visa problems, airplane checks and health regulations and restrictions. The only requirements are a computer and a good internet connection. Being able to complete an online university course from the comfort of your home means that you might be on the other side of the world but still be able to get a Bachelor's or Master's degree from Harvard or Stanford.