Virtual Happy Hours

Organise the most fun virtual happy hours for your remote team. It's as simple as creating a virtual space, selecting activities and sending out an invite link!

Virtual Happy Hours

Organising fun events for your team is hard over ZOOM or Microsoft Teams

Classic video conferencing solutions like ZOOM or Microsoft Teams are optimised for productivity. Teams around the world are using those to stay on top of their work and get stuff done. They're great for that.

Nevertheless, not every meeting is about staying productive. Teams who work remotely need to bond and have fun too. Sometimes we need to put fun & connection over pure productivity.

Take your virtual socials & happy hours to the next level is here to help you create fun and playful team meetings and remote events. It's to ZOOM what a cocktail party is to a business meeting. Our mission is to build the most fun place to hang out on the internet and we believe that this is best achieved through making online meetings more interactive and fun.

Whether you're organising a weekly happy hours, fun lunch meeting or just want a space for your team to hang out in - we've got the tools you need to get started immediately.

Joining a meeting in the Virtual Office room.

Creatively Interactive

Attendees are not chained to a grid of tiny squares like they would in a classic videoconference.

Instead, they can move and gather in groups to talk with others around. Spontaneous creative moments are back in the game!

Chillin' in the ZEN room

Games & Activities

Build a virtual venue for your next event or a digital office for your team where you can host events, happy hours parties and team building activities.

It's quick and simple - just select the room that you'd like to add or use one of the templates. Those can be mini-games, team building activities or something designed especially for your guests.

How about a football game?

Connect with a smile

Fly around, bump into other attendees. Create new connections. Network casually and have fun!

It's a digital cocktail party in a creative playground that is built like a multiplayer game. Everyone is an equal participant in a virtual world that is playful and promotes spontanous conversations.

Virtual doodle session

Brainstorm and Collaborate

Take your brainstorming sessions and creative meetings to the next level through playful and casual collaboration.

Sketch things out quickly, create immersive presentations or simply unleash your inner artist. Maybe your team's happy hours event will spark the best ideas? is built like a multi-player game gif

Real-Time Collaborative Whiteboard

Add colorful drawings, images, stickers, sticky notes, videos and so much more.

Every room can act as a real-time collaborative whiteboard which seamlessly unifies into the videoconferencing experience.

Host The Most Fun Happy Hours

Remote teams around the world use to throw virtual parties and have fun

Frequently asked questions

What are the fun features of

From flying around to playing football and doing a frog dance, there is plenty! Read more features that we built.

Can I try a live demo?

Absolutely! Feel free to join /f/Flat.Social-Demo which is a live demo flat that is always open. Give it a spin, we hope you like it! :)

How is it different than ZOOM?

ZOOM is here to maximise your productivity, not to foster meaningful connections between attendees. was created because of the need to have a virtual space that can act as classroom and accomodate casual and creative moments that bring students together.

Read more about using as an alternative to ZOOM for social catchups, fun classes and remote educational events.

What is a flat and what is a room?

A flat is a virtual space that you create. It can act as a permanent virtual office or a one-off event space. Your flat will have a unique link that you can send to your guests.

The flat that you create can contain many different floors and activities of your selection. You can also brand & customize it.

You can customize the floors in build mode by adding different types of rooms. .

What platforms do you support?

MacOS, Windows and Linux. For the best experience please use Chrome or Safari.

Does it work on linux?

Yes 🐧

Does it work on mobile?

Yes but for the best experience please using a computer with Chrome, Safari or Brave installed.

I have questions, how do I reach out?

Drop us an email to [email protected] or join our Discord server for a real-time support from people who work on and our amazing community.

What are the benefits of hosting virtual happy hours?

Team Bonding

Virtual happy hours, lunch of coffee breaks while working remotely foster a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. Just like in a physical office, casual and playful networking between members makes team relationships much stronger in the long run.

Creating connections between teams

Meeting other employees who work on different teams within your company is hard when working remotely. Most often, teams end up siloying and most of their interaction will happen only between people who work with other other directly. A study, run on more than more than 61,000 Microsoft employees during the Covid-19 pandemic, found a significant decrease in collaboration between teams, causing employee networks to become“static and siloed, with fewer bridges between the disparate parts.” (study link)

Employee retention & engagement

There is more people working remotely today than at any other point in the past. Making sure that everyone is engaged and feel like a part of a team is challenging when running a 100% remote company. Team members who feel disconnected are more likely to feel lonely and start looking for other opportunities.

Virtual social events like happy hours or recurring coffee breaks in a space that's designed for networking go a long way toward helping dispersed team members build strong bonds with their peers.

For real, have some fun with your team.

You're 3 clicks away from holding the most playful virtual event your team has ever attended