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Retrospective Room

Organise a fun online Retrospective Meeting for your Remote Agile Team!

Retrospective Room

How does retrospective meeting work?

What is a sprint restrospective meeting?

The main purpose of doing a sprint retrospective is to plan how a team can become more effective and improve the quality of their work.

During the restrospective meeting a team might inspect how did the last sprint of work go focusing on the achievements, individuals, processes, tools etc.

What is discussed on a retro meeting?

At the core of a respective usually a team needs to focus on 3 things - what did go well, what didn't go so well and what are the actions that need to be taken to improve.

Every team member takes a moment to create points and observations that he will place on the retrospective canvas. When everyone is complete, the scrum master (or a project manager) goes through each single one of them together with the team. The points are discussed while team celebrated their victories and tries to find actionable ways to improve what didn't go so well.

How do I organise a fun retrospective meeting on flat.social?

With the help of flat.social, your next retrospective meeting will be the most creative and fun one that your team members have ever attended.

Simply add the retrospective room to your flat and invite guests with a link.

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