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Lean Canvas Room

Brainstorm your next business idea in a creative Lean Canvas online meeting room!

What is a Lean Canvas?

Lean Canvas ia a business planning method that help you get to the core of your idea. It helps you to quickly formulate possible business models, lanches and campaigns.

Lean Canvas consists of 9 sections:


Problem - what is the key problem of your customers that you are trying to solve?


Customer Segments - Who are you customers? Do you know who your target audience is? Customers and their problems go together.

Unique Value Proposition - this section is in the middle of the canvas as it's the link that connects your product to your customers. What is the unique value to your customers that you provide?


Solution - what are you building to help your customers? What's the product?


Channels - what channels are you going to reach your customers through? What marketing techniques are you going to use?


Revenue Streams - where is the money? How are you going to price your invention?


Cost Structure - what are the costs of running your new business? How many customers will you need to break even?


Key Metrics - what are the key quantifiable indicators that will show you if your business is doing well or not? What's your north start metric?


Unfair Advantage - what is there about your business that nobody else has, cannot buy and cannot copy?

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