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How to flat.social?

Learn the basic concepts of building a virtual space with proximity audio & video

What is flat.social?

Flat.social is a spatial audio & video meeting platform for organising fun and playful online meetings and virtual events. You can use it to create and customize a virtual space for your event and invite guests with a link.

A virtual meeting in flat.social is what a cocktail party is to a business presentation. Guests can fly around the meeting like they would do in any multi-player game and speak with others around them. The spatial audio & video allows for spontaneous interaction based on proximity - starting a conversation is as simply as flying up to someone!

How is the virtual space structures?

A flat is a spatial virtual space that you can create and customize. If you create it, you're the admin of it and can add different rooms and activities that your guests will enjoy. It acts as a collection of different types of rooms that you add to it.

Flats are always-open spaces which means that start and end times for an event are not necessary. You can share an invite link to a flat in your calendar event or just simply send it over to your guests if you want to meet with them.

What is a room?

A room is a building block of the flat. There are currently over 20 different types of rooms that are available for you to select from. You can add a combination of them to your flat to create a unique experience for the participants of your meeting or your team members.

With the ability to draw, add notes, images, videos and portals, each of the rooms can also act as a collaborative whiteboard space to support your guests' brainstorming and creativity.

How is it all different from ZOOM?

If ZOOM would be a business presentation, flat.social would be cocktail party.

ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and so on have been built to maximize productivity. They're a great tool if you're running a business presentation, webinar or any kind of event where one person talks and the rest is passively listening.

Flat.social aims on joy over productivity and fostering connection while working and meeting remotely. Participants have the freedom to move around the space as they wish and speak with who they want, not with who speak the loudest. Read more about the spatial audio & video that is at the core of the flat.social experience.

How to get started?

Creating a flat for your next online meeting is easy and takes less than a couple minutes.


Sign up - first and foremost, you need to have an account on flat.social in order to create a flat. If you don't have one yet, click here to sign up.


Create a flat: once you sign-up click on Create Flat  in your homepage. If you're already signed up you can also simply click here to go to the flat creation page.


Voila! You've got your virtual space, a flat, up and running! Click on Share  in the top right corner of your flat to share the invite link with your guests.