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How to share your screen with other guests

Screensharing is a useful feature for presentations, pair programming and all sorts of use cases that require showing your screen to other guests. Screensharing in flat.social is yet again a spatial experience. Only guests you who are currently around you will be able to see your screenshare.

Starting screenshare

Screensharing is available on desktop only.In order to start screensharing click on the Screenshare icon in the left bottom corner. A pop-up will appear asking you to select which tab or screen would you like to screenshare. Once you selected it your current video stream will be replaced with the screenshare. Other participants around you will be able to see it immediatelly in the virtual space. Only a minified version of the screenshare will be shown in the space - in order to see the full screenshare other guests must click on your avatar.

Stopping screenshare

In order to stop screensharing click again on the icon of screenshare. Your video will go back into the default stream that you have selected for your avatar.