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How to move around in a flat.social space?

Learn the basic moves to get around

The spatial aspect and movement

Each room on flat.social is a 2-dimensional virtual meeting space. You can move around that space like you would do in any multi-player game. Meetings on flat.social are governed by basic physics. This means that apart from moving yourself around you can also bounce around with other participants and interact with almost everything that you see.

Controls on desktop

  • Moving: use WASD or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move

  • Zooming in and out: use pinch gesture on your trackpad or the mouse wheel. You will be able to see larger portion of the map when you zoom out. You can also zoom in to see more of the details of the map and videos of other participants.

  • Previewing map: you can drag the map around to see around you or align the viewport for convenience. Once you move, the viewport will centre around you again.

Controls on mobile

  • Moving: tap around your avatar / video to make steps.

  • Zooming in and out: use pinch gesture on your screen.

  • Previewing map: drag the map around to see what's around you. One the drag stop, the viewport will center around you again.

Interacting with other guests


In order to speak with others in a flat.social meeting you need to fly up to them. Once you fly away you won't be able to hear and see each other. Learn more about the spatial audio & video here.

You won't hear or see others from behind a wall. Yes, you heard right - there are digital walls :) Dependently on the map, there might be private breakout areas that help in accommodating separate conversations. There will be walls or visual cues indicating that those areas are separate.

Guest Preview Panel

You can click on your own avatar or any other participant to see a larger preview of the video. This will appear in a pop-up window that you can drag around the screen for your own convenience.

Through this panel you can do a number of things to interact with the participant that you have selected:

  • Emojis: select one of the emojis and release them on the other participant. It's all physics based and the emoji will follow the other person for 20 seconds.

  • Teleport: click on the teleport icon to immediatelly appear next to the other person. It's a useful feature if you're trying to find someone in the crowd!

  • Magnetize: click on the magnet icon to attach yourself to the other person. You will automatically follow them wherever they go!