Free Skype Background Creator

Create a Skype background now in just a couple of clicks.

Create a background for your next Skype meeting

Skype background creator offers a large collection of templates to get you started. Whether you want to turn your home office into a corporate room or transport yourself into a virtual island where you're currently taking some time off.

Get creative and create the most fun or professional background for your next video conference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Free Skype Background Creator secure?

Yes! We do not download or share any backgrounds that you create with anyone, not even with us. Everything happens within your web browser and no edited Skype backgrounds leave your computer. That is, unless you specifically decide to send the recording to someone else.

We only collect data about the usage to make the website the best as possible for future users.

How can I create a Skype background for free?

Simply click start and you will be able to select a template that you want to proceed with. You will be then able to customize it with text and position the background to fit your needs perfectly.

Do you include a watermark?

No, no watermark is added. The background that you have created is yours whether you're using your uploaded picture as a base or selected one of our templates.

When will be the Free Skype Background Creator released?

We're currently testing the solution and will be making it public by the end of 2022.

How to create a professional Skype background?

Simply select one of the templates that are on the more professional side. Whether you want to have a background that reflects a corporate branded space or just a simple minimalistic office, we got you covered.

How to create a fun Skype background?

Simply select one of the templates that are on the more professional side. Whether you want to have a humorous background (maybe a cat cafe?) or more chill, we got you covered.

Do I need to have any design experience?

Not at all! Our templates are fun and simple to use. They're designed by professional designers so there is nothing to worry about from the aesthetic point of view :)

Do I need to install anything to create a Skype background?

No! No need to install any additional software. Free Skype background creator is available in your web browser and you don't have to download anything else.

Will the Free Online Skype Background Creator work on mobile?

Yes! We're currently testing it on iOS and Android devices.

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