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"Sooo interactive!"

"This is nuts, I love it"

A New Genre of Virtual Meetings

Remote teams use flat.social to socialize, collaborate and throw virtual socials.
Create your own meeting space and invite guests in minutes.

fun online meetings

“This is what internet was made for.”

- An Excited Redditor, June 2021

Joining a meeting in the Virtual Office room.

Creatively Interactive

Attendees are not chained to a grid of tiny squares like they would in a classic videoconference.

Instead, they can move and gather in groups to talk with others around. Spontaneous creative moments are back in the game!

Chillin' in the ZEN room

Games & Activities

Build a virtual venue for your next event or a digital office for your team where you can host events, happy hours parties and team building activities.

It's quick and simple - just select the room that you'd like to add or use one of the templates. Those can be mini-games, team building activities or something designed especially for your guests.

How about a football game?

Connect with a smile

Fly around, bump into other attendees. Create new connections. Network casually and have fun!

It's a digital cocktail party in a creative playground that is built like a multiplayer game. Everyone is an equal participant in a virtual world that is playful and promotes spontanous conversations.

Virtual doodle session

Brainstorm and Collaborate

Take your brainstorming sessions and creative meetings to the next level through playful and casual collaboration.

Sketch things out quickly, create immersive presentations or simply unleash your inner artist.

flat.social is built like a multi-player game gif

Real-Time Collaborative Whiteboard

Add colorful drawings, images, stickers, sticky notes, videos and so much more.

Every room can act as a real-time collaborative whiteboard which seamlessly unifies into the videoconferencing experience.

Online meetings are already productive
Now it’s time to make them fun

We built flat.social to be the most unique, playful, & creative tool to run online meetings and virtual events.

It aims on joy over productiveness, having fun over getting stuff done and most importantly - connecting as human beings instead of digital work bees.

A fun alternative to zoom and microsoft teams

“I mean it when I say this...WOW”

“Dude this is so flipping awesome.”

“Best virtual happy hours Friday ever!”

“Oh my god 🧐 this is perfect from every aspect.”

“This is such a creative and unique idea. I absolutely love this 😍”

“I don't have too many words. My only reaction is : Wow! The one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Get creative with your space

From festive parties to online offices and classrooms - hosts have been using flat.social to create virtual spaces that amaze and their guests and take virtual connections to the next level.
What type of virtual gathering will you host in your flat?

Remote Teams

Create an always-open space for your team members to hang out and socialize. Host fun team socials, project kick-offs and scrum meetings.

Learn more about flat.social + remote work

Distance Education

Run the most fun classes! Whether it's a schoolbreak or a workshop, your students will be able to network and connect like they would be sitting next to each other.

Learn more about flat.social + education

Meetups & Virtual Events

Create an always-open space where your guests can move around, have fun and network. Host virtual afterparties, networking sessions and even entire events.

Learn more about flat.social + meetups

Build a Virtual Space for your Team

Remote teams use flat.social to organise the most creative meetings & social events.

Frequently asked questions

What are the fun features of flat.social?

From flying around to playing football and doing a frog dance, there is plenty! We built those features to make flat.social the most fun place to organise an event online. Read more features that we built.

Is there a need to install anything?

No need to install anything new. It all runs in the web browser both on desktop and mobile. Safari and Chrome are doing great, Firefox is catching up!

Do you support simultaneous screensharing?

Yep, a number of participants can screenshare at the same time. Those can be positioned next to each other or distributed in various locations around the virtual space.

How much does it cost?

Check out thepricing page to see free and pro plans available.

Can I use it to build my own metaverse?

...or a flatverse! Even though the definition of metaverse term is under debate, virtual spaces created in flat.social do check quite a couple boxes of what a metaverse can be.

Moving around, portals between spaces, teleporting, interactions with other participants of the virtual experience are at the core of what flat.social is.

Does a metaverse has to be 3D though? Let's leave the debate of dimensionality to philosophers and call a number of interconnected flats a flatverse :)

Can I use it as an alternative to ZOOM or Microsoft Teams?

Sure, if all you do is fun and creative meetings! (we sincerly hope so:)

Over the past 3 years we learned that while ZOOM and Microsoft teams are amazing tools to keep you productive, they're not optimized to to keep a group of people connected, engaged and happy.

Hence, flat.social was created. It does not aim to be a complete replacement - it's an addition for when the priorities switch from productivity to human interaction. It's here to bring smile and show that spontanous creative moments and connections can happen without having to travel to an office or an event venue.