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Virtual Metaverse Office

Virtual office in a 2D metaverse? Sure thing!

Virtual Metaverse Office

Working from home and need a physical yet virtual space to gather your team in? We got you.

Virtual Office M is a fun virtual room that you can use when building a space on flat.social. Your team will be able to move around the online meeting's that you organise just like they would do in any multi player game. This allows for converstions to flow organically and an increased amount of digital water-cooler moments that spark creativity and joy.

It can both act as a primary space to hang out in or as an additional layer of physical virtual reality for your team's online meetings.

What's in the room?


5 smaller different break out rooms - each one of them with a different, unique design and separated from the other spaces for private conversations. It's up to you to decide who will occupy which space and what purpose you will use the meeting rooms for.


One big breakout space which acts as a connection points between the meeting rooms and an entry space to the virtual office.


Interested in what more your meeting guests can do in this room? Check out the Product Features page for some inspiring tips on how to run fun online meetings!

Build a Virtual Space for your Team

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