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Adding sticky notes to your virtual space

Use the virtual room as a collaborative whiteboard for your meetings

Each room in flat.social can act as an interactive whiteboard where participants can collaborate and add sticky notes, images, drawings and videos. This allows both hosts and guests to customize the interactive virtual space and create interactive experiences and run collaborative team events where participants can brainstorm in real-time.

Sticky notes are a great and versatile tool for all kinds of meetings - from Agile Retrospectives to brainstorming sessions.

In this article we will dive deeper into how to add sticky notes, position them on the map and interact with them.

Adding a sticky note

Adding sticky notes is currently available on desktop only.

Open the Add Menu and select the Sticky Note icon. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the sticky note's content and select what color would you like it to be. Once you completed, click on the Add button. The sticky note will appear on the map at the position where you are currently. Other guests will be able to see it immediately.

The sticky note that you have uploaded will be now a part of the virtual space that you and other guests are in. Others can drag it around, update it and see it when they are around it.

Updating sticky note's content

Updating sticky notes is currently available on desktop only.
Simply click on the sticky note. A pop-up will appear where the content can be updated. You can also change the apperance of it by changing the color.

Positioning the sticky note

You can drag the sticky note around and position it at any point within the virtual space of the room.

Removing the sticky note

Click on the sticky note element just like you would like to update its content. In the top right corner you will see a trash icon. Click on it to remove the video.