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Drawing on your virtual space

How to use drawing feature for collaboration, creativity and whiteboarding

Each room in flat.social can act as an interactive whiteboard where participants can collaborate and add sticky notes, images, drawings and videos. This allows both hosts and guests to customize the interactive virtual space and create interactive experiences and run collaborative team events where participants can brainstorm in real-time.

Whether you're planning to annotate something important on an image or just simply play skribbl, being able to draw is an important feature of any collaborative whiteboard!

In flat.social each user can draw whether they are registered or joined the virtual space without signing up.

Drawings are ephemeral. Only users who are currently in the room can see what is being created. Once you leave and the room closes, the drawings will dissappear and the room will become a clear canvas.

Starting a drawing

To start drawing click on the pencil icon in the bottom menu. A draggable pop-up will appear. You cannot drag other elements like sticky notes and images whne in drawing mode. In order to exit the drawing mode close the drawing toolbar.

Changing colours

Simply select one of the colours in the drawing toolbar.

Erasing drawings

Click on the eraser icon to go into erasing mode.

Clearing map

If you'd like to clear all of the drawings from the entire where you are currently in, type in clear_drawings into chat.